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Alum Network: Connecting TWS Graduates

Welcome to the Toronto Waldorf School Alumni Network, where past students come together to celebrate shared experiences, foster connections, and support each other in their personal and professional journeys. Led by Sara Anderson, our dedicated Alumni Coordinator, we invite all TWS alumni to join us in building a vibrant community that extends far beyond graduation day.

Our Mission:

At TWS, we believe in the power of community and the enduring bonds forged through Waldorf education. The Alumni Network aims to:

  1. Share Stories: Celebrate the diverse paths and accomplishments of our alumni, showcasing their unique experiences, careers, and initiatives.

  2. Offer Guidance: Provide opportunities for alumni to advise, mentor, and support each other, drawing on a wealth of collective knowledge and expertise.

  3. Expand Networks: Emphasize that networking transcends class years, connecting over 1000 alumni worldwide who share a common thread of Waldorf education.

Why Connect?

In a world that can often feel overwhelming and isolating, the importance of a strong support network cannot be overstated. By reaching out and connecting with fellow alumni, you not only uplift yourself but also offer support and inspiration to others. Your network, diverse and expansive, can serve as a source of guidance, encouragement, and collaboration, enriching both personal and professional endeavors.

Get Involved:

We invite you to be an active participant in the TWS Alumni Network. Share your stories, experiences, and initiatives. Offer your expertise and guidance to fellow alumni seeking advice or mentorship. Connect with old friends and forge new connections that transcend geographical boundaries.

Contact Sara:

For more information on how to get involved or to share your ideas, please reach out to Sara Anderson, our Alumni Coordinator. Sara eagerly awaits your inquiries and looks forward to helping you reconnect with the TWS community.

Let’s come together, celebrate our shared experiences, and build a network that uplifts and empowers each of us. The journey doesn’t end at graduation—it’s just the beginning of a lifelong connection.

Contact Information:

Sara Anderson
Alumni Coordinator

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