Endowment Fund

Ensuring the Enduring Legacy of Waldorf Education

Our Endowment Fund stands as a beacon of sustained commitment, providing vital support for generations to come, primarily directed towards ensuring accessible tuition for all.

Our Endowment Fund represents a commitment to the future of Waldorf education, ensuring that generations to come will benefit from the transformative experience offered by our school.

Contributions to our Endowment Fund serve as a lasting investment in the sustainability and growth of our school community. As the fund grows, so does our ability to provide essential resources and opportunities for our students and faculty.

One of the primary purposes of our Endowment Fund is to support accessible tuition, enabling us to welcome students from diverse backgrounds and ensure that Waldorf education remains accessible to all who seek it. Additionally, the fund provides vital support for various academic initiatives, facilities maintenance, and special projects.

When you give to our Endowment Fund, you are contributing to a legacy of impact that will endure for generations. Whether you choose to make an unrestricted donation or establish a named fund to honor a loved one or support a specific area of interest, your generosity will make a meaningful difference in the lives of our students and the future of our school.

For those interested in leaving a lasting legacy and having a fund named in their honor, please contact us to learn more about the minimum requirements and how you can make a lasting impact through the Toronto Waldorf School Foundation’s Endowment Fund. Together, we can ensure that Waldorf education continues to thrive in perpetuity.

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