Investing in TWS's Legacy

 Learn How Our Foundation Secures the School’s Future and Cultivates Educational Excellence.”


 Q1: What is the purpose of the Waldorf School Foundation?
 A: The Foundation exists to support the school and its mission of Waldorf education.
Its goal is to raise funds, through donations and other activities, to provide monies for academic initiatives, maintenance and improvements to physical facilities of the Toronto Waldorf School, major capital projects as well as tuition assistance.

Q2: How does the Foundation benefit the school and its community?
 A: The Foundation provides crucial financial support to the school by annually distributing a percentage of its capital which goes towards various programs, facilities, and educational initiatives.

Q3: Why should donations go through the Foundation rather than directly to the school?
 A: Holding the assets in a foundation, a separate and distinct legal entity from the school, helps shield those assets from potential claims against the school. It forms a part of an overall risk management and financial protection strategy.

Q4: Can you provide examples of how past donations have positively influenced the school?
 A: Past donations have supported the construction of facilities, funded innovative programs, and provided financial aid. They have left a lasting impact on the quality of education and diversity of the student body at the school.

Q5: What impact do donations to the Foundation have on the school’s future?
 A: Donations help sustain and enhance programs, provide scholarships, and ensure the school’s ability to adapt and grow in the future. Past donors gave with the foresight that education is an enduring gift for the future; a commitment to intergenerational equity.


Q1: Why does the Foundation encourage unrestricted donations?
 A: Unrestricted funds are encouraged as they provide flexibility in determining support to the areas of greatest need.

Q2: Can I specify where I want my donation to be used within the school?
 A:  We recognize the importance of donor choice. We welcome input from donors who wish to designate their contributions to specific special projects. Your voice matters, and you are an integral part of shaping the future of our school.

Q3: How can I ensure that my support makes a meaningful difference for years to come?
 A: By donating through the Foundation, you contribute to the school’s enduring success. Your support helps shape the future of Waldorf education, leaving a lasting legacy for generations to come.

Q4: How can parents and alumni get involved with the Foundation?
 A: Parents and alumni can participate in Foundation events, contribute to spreading awareness, and, for those seeking a short-term commitment, consider joining an event fundraising committee. If you have time, treasure, and talent to offer, we strongly encourage you to consider service on the Foundation board or fundraising committee.

Q5: Who do I contact for more information on donating or getting involved?

Contact:   Jennifer Deathe jdeathe@twsf.ca  Director of Advancement, for further details.
Drop by the TWSF office: Upper Pavillon 9100 Bathurst St, Thornhill. Wednesdays and Thursdays.
TWSF website: www.twsf.ca   Donate https://twsf.ca/annual_fund/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/torontowaldorfschoolfoundation/ 

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