Give Back

Let us bring the change together‚Äč!

At TWS, we believe in nurturing a sense of gratitude and appreciation for the unique educational journey our alumni have experienced. Alumni at TWS have been enriched by an education that values the child’s innate wisdom, the sacrifices parents have made, and the dedication of passionate teachers who strive to cultivate a profound love for learning.

There are numerous ways alumni can give back and continue to uphold the values they cherish from their time at TWS:

  1. Mentoring: Share your expertise and guidance with current students or recent graduates.
  2. Volunteering: Get involved in school events, initiatives, or projects that resonate with you.
  3. Testimonials: Share your TWS experiences to inspire and inform prospective families and donors.
  4. Board Membership: Consider joining the school or foundation board to contribute to strategic decision-making.
  5. Alum Connector: Help facilitate connections and networking opportunities among fellow alumni.
  6. Alum Harvest Homecoming: Gather a group of alumni to join our upcoming Harvest Homecoming event on Sept 21.
  7. Class Fund or Endowment Fund: Donate to support your class fund or contribute to the school’s endowment fund.
  8. Alum Scholarship: Get involved in brainstorming and supporting scholarships for future TWS students.
  9. Teacher Support: Share stories about impactful teachers and their contributions to your growth and development.
  10. In Harmony Silent Auction April 2024: Donate an item or service to our upcoming online auction and gain exposure to new business opportunities or mentorship connections.

Your support and involvement play a vital role in sustaining the legacy of TWS and ensuring that future generations continue to benefit from the transformative Waldorf education experience. Together, let’s continue to uphold the spirit of community, gratitude, and lifelong learning.

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