Capital Projects

Building a Brighter Future

TWS requires working capital to fund routine operating costs such as teacher and administrator salaries and benefits, academic and athletic programs, utilities, repair and maintenance, printing, copying and office supplies, IT supplies, software and services, and the like. The sources of such working capital are typically tuition.

When faced with the need for a major new facility, renovations to an existing facility or other major capital expenditures. TWS funds such costs from cash reserves, endowment funds or contemporaneous gifts.

Current Capital Project - Classroom windows

Our School would like to replace its Classroom Windows for all Grades (1 to 12). Replacing the current windows with Top quality, modern and energy efficient windows.

Energy efficient windows in the classroom will help conserve energy and provide warmth in the Winter months for all students. The existing windows in the classroom have not been replaced in over 25 years at TWS.

Upcoming Events


TWSF organized successful golf tournament fundraiser on 2 january 2022, supporting education for children.


TWSF organized successful golf tournament fundraiser on 2 january 2022, supporting education for children.

Past Capital Project

Farming and gardening are one of the most nourishing aspects of a Waldorf education. It would take more than this blurb to get significant donation dollars. Working with the soil and learning the art of growing and harvesting food and the science behind regenerative farming practices are all skills that are essential to our children’s futures.

We have completed raising money to build a 30 ft x 60 ft greenhouse to be situated in the sunlight in the school’s back field. This new greenhouse will be the heart and home for future farming, gardening, botany, and biology classes for many years to come. It will be a place for community members to gather, learn, and grow together. The funds will help us in-

  • Purchasing a state of the art polycarbonate greenhouse
  • Paying for professional installation
  • Applying for zoning permits
  • Hooking up to municipal services
  • Buying fruit bearing trees
  • Purchasing materials for raised beds garden tools etc..

Together, we will plant the seeds that will blossom into our new and stunning greenhouse and our children will harvest the benefits for a lifetime.

Fundraising Goal – $80,000

Funds Raised to Date – $80,000

Help us Build a Better Future

Your donation to Toronto Waldorf School Foundation’s capital projects will create sustainable learning spaces for children to thrive in. Give the gift of education today!