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Waldorf focuses on educating the whole child – the head, the heart and the hands.
To achieve this holistic approach, the Waldorf curriculum emphasizes learning through doing and incorporates art, music and handwork into the daily rhythm.

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TWS needs new classroom windows

Our School would like to replace its Classroom Windows for all Grades (1 to 12). Replacing the current windows with Top quality, modern and energy efficient windows.

Energy efficient windows in the classroom will help conserve energy and provide warmth in the Winter months for all students. The existing windows in the classroom have not been replaced in over 25 years at TWS.

Fundraising goal

Funds raised to date

75% Complete

TWSF Impact

“Recieve the children in reverance, educate them in love, and send them forth in freedom”

-Rudolph Steiner

Waldorf education should be accessible to all families who share our values, regardless of their economic status. We need your help to secure the future.


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