Board Profiles

Our board is made up of TWS parents, teachers and alumni. This group of dedicated individuals share their time and expertise to ensure the ongoing growth of the foundation’s endowment.

Andrew Starzynski – Secretary

Andrew was born to two Waldorf teachers and raised in Chicago, Illinois. After majoring in Mathematics and Philosophy and minoring in Computer Science for his undergraduate degree at Beloit College, Andrew went on to work in IT in Austin, Texas.

He later completed a Master of Science in Applied Mathematics from the University of Houston and then went back to Chicago to teach high school mathematics at the Chicago Waldorf School. Three years later he was married and living in Honolulu, Hawaii this time teaching both middle and high school math and computer science at the Honolulu Waldorf School.

In 2013, Andrew moved to Toronto where he taught middle school math at Waldorf Academy in downtown Toronto. Andrew was also a member of the board of trustees of Waldorf Academy and a member of the board’s finance committee.

Andrew and his family moved to Richmond Hill in 2017. Andrew currently teaches math and computer science in Grades 7 – 12 at the Toronto Waldorf School. He has been involved in many fundraising campaigns at the schools he has been a part of and he is also the co-founder of a school software company. Andrew is an avid investor and manages the foundations tech including the database, website and file storage. He is a founding member of the fundraising committee as well.

Stephen Ou – Treasurer

Steve has over a decade of experience in the asset management and capital markets industry. Steve is currently a Director in the Global Investment Banking team at RBC Capital Markets. Prior to that he worked at TD Asset Management in portfolio management. Steve has two children at Waldorf and looks forward to giving back to the Waldorf community.

Mohamed Dostmohamed, CPA, CA – Fundraising Chair

Accomplished Chartered Accountant with hands-on experience in Technology and Finance.

I feel strongly that every child should have access to Waldorf Education that gives them the skills they need to keep learning throughout their lives.

I am the parent of two students. My eldest graduated from Toronto Waldorf School in 2018 and my youngest is attending Toronto Waldorf School. I am grateful for the wonderful education that the school has provided to my children.

I have been an active and involved member of our Toronto Waldorf School community, including service as a former Treasurer and Board Chair of the School over the last 15 years. Joining the Board of the Toronto Waldorf School Foundation in 2021. I am passionate about fundraising and creating a sustainable funding for the Toronto Waldorf School. 

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