Courage. Individualism. Collective purpose. We heard this resonating as the Grade 8 students shared their powerful personal mottos at the conclusion of the Seeds of Courage Project. With tears in her eyes, class teacher Paula Rosa affirmed, “This is what the world needs more of right now.”

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  • If you have a dream, get up and do the work – P

  • There will always be a light that guides you – A

  • One person can create an idea; two can make it a reality – J

  • God gave us one mouth and two ears. Talk less, listen more – R

  • You should feel proud of your failures since there are people who don’t even try – M

  • If you see an opportunity, use it. You never know when a new one will arise – L

  • When people put you down, never give up – M

  • Too nice to be important but more important to be nice – B

  • To be the best you can be, you have to do it for the right reason – N

  • Taking one step can change your life forever – D

  • I believe that humans are supposed to have great experiences not terror experiences – S

  • If you don’t plan, you’re planning to fail, but if you plan, you’re playing for success – L

  • Try and fail but never fail to try – I

  • No matter what- keep on going and do your best – O

  • If you believe in your dreams, then you can make them come true – V

  • The best time to start something is the present moment – L

  • What are wings without the courage to fly – A
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